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UNBC is not the university you imagined. It’s better!

After deciding to go back to school for a second bachelor’s degree, I did my research. Oh did I ever do my research! I checked program reviews, called academic advisors like it was 1999, looked through hundreds of Google images to find the “perfect campus.” Then, I heard about UNBC’s Bachelor of Education program. Go to the north, do some snowshoeing, become a certified teacher in two years… sounded attractive. Abba’s “Take a chance on me” began playing in my head. So I did. I took a chance on UNBC and I’m so glad I did! As one of Canada’s top-ranked small universities, UNBC has a lot to offer besides interesting programs. Here is a peak into my experience between 2019 and 2021.

Great student groups

“UNBC has community!” I thought to myself during week one. The campus is not so large that you feel lost. Seeing familiar faces is commonplace and joining a student group is a sure-fire way to make friends. Some think because UNBC is “out of the way” that it must not attract international students. This is not true. Half-way through first semester, my friends were from Norway, Germany, the United States, you name it. The student body is diverse, which makes for a unique experience. Joining the Outdoors Club allowed me to meet nature enthusiasts from around the world and participating in Students for a Green University (SGU) helped me find a range of individuals passionate about reducing climate change. If you decide to attend UNBC (and you should consider it!) then get your name on some club lists!

Students playing disc golf

Smaller class sizes

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways) that a reduced student to professor ratio is better in pretty much every way. When I arrived on day one, floods of relief came pouring down. The class I was in only had 25 students and we would be together for the next two years. In every subject, there was a professor ready and willing to lend a hand or an ear. I realize this is one of many areas of study, but I took time to ask friends in popular programs, such as Environmental Engineering, about the size of their classes. These classes are also a much more manageable size than, say, an institution in the Vancouver area. Forming a relationship with your professor and getting help is much easier at a small university, like UNBC.

Woman walking on Shane Lake in the winter

New residences with lots of activities

I lived in residence during the first semester and it was sweet! You don’t get any dark, dingy, basement vibes at UNBC like at older universities. Every residence has space for four students, each with their own private bedroom and a shared living space plus kitchen. I noted a heavy course load in my application and was placed accordingly, on a quiet floor with other busy students. Every weekend there was some sort of event planned by the RAs, from movie nights to scavenger hunts to lake outings and campfires. I never felt obligated to go but it was nice to know I could choose to attend when I wanted. If you’re not interested in residence, there are plenty of clean and affordable houses as well as apartments within an easy commute, including VEDA Prince George, which is a new off-campus location for students. After one semester I moved off-campus and found a place I loved.

VEDA Prince George student living

VEDA Prince George student living.

Eating options

Are you as worried about cafeteria food as I am? Hey, no judgement. I must say, though, the UNBC cafeteria is not like others. People from the community of PG actually choose to go here for weekend brunch! It’s considered a restaurant. The buffet style encourages plenty of options along with three made-to-order stations during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allergies are taken seriously, and staff are willing to customize meal plans for students on the pre-paid program. No more Sloppy Joes here!

I could go on about UNBC and the great experiences that await you, but everyone’s will be unique. If you’re thinking about attending university for the first time or going back to school, UNBC might be the best chance you take.

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