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Why you need to get excited about visiting the Farmers’ Market

Growing up in Terrace, it was an unspoken Saturday morning tradition to head down to the Skeena Valley Farmers Market. As a kid, I remember it mostly being an excuse to spend my morning playing in the park while my parents walked around and talked to other adults. At that age, I don’t think I even fully understood what exactly a Farmers’ Market is (despite the name being fairly self-explanatory – I was not the brightest crayon in the box).

Saturday mornings at the Farmers’ Market

Farmers' Market sign

Welcome to the Prince George Farmers’ Market.

Since moving to Prince George, I have happily taken the Saturday morning tradition with me and into the amazing Prince George Farmers’ Market, which is located downtown. I have come off the playground, and now love spending time walking down the rows of vendors that provide items for sale ranging from local meats and fresh vegetables to woodworking and crafts, freshly pressed juice, coffee, and more food options than I can handle.

Checking out the new location

Woman holding rosemary and coffee

We picked up a rosemary plant and some delicious North Roast coffee during our visit to the Farmers’ Market.

On May 5th, I took my camera down to the grand opening of the Farmers’ Market at its new location on 3rd Avenue – I purchased some local bacon and sausage from Birch & Boar, had a breakfast Acai bowl from Col Juicery, a freshly baked cinnamon bun, bought a coffee from North Roast Coffee, grabbed some fresh herbs from a few of the different gardeners booths, and got to pet a tonne of adorable dogs.

An added bonus: supporting local business

Hand holding a cinnamon bun

Mmmm. This cinnamon bun was delicious!

As I mentioned above – I didn’t know this as a kid but not only do you get these amazing and high-quality products, you also get to feel good about spending money that stays in your local economy and directly supports these great businesses owned and operated by community members.

My final pitch? Whether it’s a trip out to Teapot Mountain, spending the day at West Lake, or just some typical Saturday adulting-errand-running, the Prince George Farmers’ Market is the best place to kick off your Saturday adventures!

What’s your favourite part about visiting local Farmers’ Markets (others include the WS Community Farmers’ Market and the University Farmers’ Market)? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @MoveUpPG!

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