Get to know Prince George from a local point of view.


Winter reflection

When deciding to move up to Prince George 1.5ish years ago, I knew the city had much to offer our family. From the affordable housing, quick commutes and endless outdoor recreational activities, to the extracurricular program options for my children.

Warm vacation

However, with winters being a little longer (and colder) than this island girl is used to, a warm-weather vacation was a must this year! At the end of February, I travelled with my family on a cruise to Mexico, leaving from Los Angeles. My three year old adorably told everyone he had imagined we were going to embark on a big ferry boat adventure. I was keen to show him it had much more to offer than the ferry vessel we frequently travel on.

Commuter perspective

I have experienced some big cities, including Toronto, Paris, and Boston. Los Angeles was by far one of the most expansive and busiest cities I have ever seen. Flying over the city at night you could see the freeways just crawling with cars for miles and miles. Prince Georgians need not complain about a 15 minute commute from one side of the city to the next!

Local pet stores double as aquariums

aquarium kids

My kiddos at the Los Angeles Aquarium.

We visited an aquarium both in Mazatlan, and one of three aquariums in Los Angles. Both had some amazing creatures and my kids absolutely loved it. Sure, Prince George doesn’t offer multiple aquariums, but my kids do love a quick trip to our local pet stores. And hey, one even doubles as a petting zoo where little ones can pet a bunny rabbit or a hamster!

Neighbourly citizens

I struggled with whether or not to mention the Coronavirus when writing this blog post. However, I thought it was worth shedding some light on the proactive and positive efforts made by the people of Prince George. My favourite source for reading about people who are making a difference in the community is the “Hell Yeah Prince George!” Facebook group. Now with over 40,000 members, there is always something nice being shared, or shout-outs going to local people and businesses. I have read of people offering to pick up groceries for seniors or those immunocompromised at higher risk, small acts of kindness, and general appreciation for those working in the healthcare sector, and retail for supporting the added busyness at this time of uncertainty. Be kind, be patient, and supportive where you can. Fresh air, exercise, some vitamin D, and taking a break from social media are a good way to de-stress anxious nerves.


dog running on snowy trail

Unplugging, stepping away from the busyness that is day to day life, and spending some quality family vacation time — made me feel more appreciative than I had ever imagined. I’m thankful for good health and the opportunity to travel with my family.

The hustle and bustle of busy cities is something I can do without for now. I’m okay with short commutes, pet stores for local aquariums, and endless outdoor spaces to explore. Coming home to my comfy bed, sunsets as beautiful as in Mexico, a warm home, food in the fridge, and my fur babies wagging tail— really, what more could I ask for? Thanks Prince George, I think I’ll call you home for a while.

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