Get to know Prince George from a local point of view.


What’s to love about downtown Prince George? Plenty!

There’s a lot of things that people EXPECT when they move up to Prince George – affordable housing, access to hiking, skiing and snowboarding, and a great central location in BC. These are the things that most of my friends who do not live in Prince George assume are the main reasons I choose to live in Prince George. And while they’re right about these things being a piece of why I love it here, I think they’re missing one of my favourite parts of living in Prince George: Spending weekends downtown.

Coffee and produce

people sitting outside coffee shop

Zoe’s is one of the many great coffee shops you’ll find downtown.

I know. 8 years ago when I moved to Prince George, this was probably not something you would hear as often as you do now but over the last few years, it has become one of the best parts of living here. Saturday mornings, I love getting up early and heading over to one of the coffee shops – Ritual Coffee Bar, Zoe’s, or Ooh Chocolat are some of my usual favourites.

I usually grab a coffee and get right over to the downtown Farmers’ Market to do some shopping. Bannock, fresh pressed juice, and pretty much every vegetable and meat cut you can imagine (see my other blog post about the market – it deserves its own post for how much I love it).

Shopping on Specialty Avenue

Jim's Clothes Closet

Shopping at Jim’s Clothes Closet.

From there, I usually head over to 3rd and 4th Ave to cruise through the great little shops and boutiques – Homework, Dandy Lines, Butterfly Threads Boutique or Jim’s just to name a few. I definitely recommend checking out the Downtown PG website to get a better look at all the awesome shopping.

All the events

people on an outdoor patio

The night portion of the CrossRoads Street Festival held in July.

Depending on the weekend in the summer, there’s almost always an event happening downtown to check out. For instance, Crossroads Brewing has been throwing their downtown Street Festival series all summer long. July 14th was their Motorsports, Motocross + Jetboating show which filled the streets with games and activities for all ages.

The evenings are no different – the downtown has some wonderful spots to grab a bite to eat or to grab some drinks on a patio. And again, it’s never a bad idea to see what kind of evening events are happening. That same street festival mentioned above extended into a 19+ evening event that sold out and filled the Crossroads area of downtown Prince George with live music, great beer, and more delicious food.

And that’s just SATURDAY!

a person being handed a burger

Buying food at SummerFest.

There’s a whole other day to visit Connaught Hill Park, grab brunch at Nancy O’s, or evening drinks at Trench Brewing. Or maybe attend SummerFest – Prince George’s gigantic downtown food festival. Or go for a walk through downtown for a beautiful sunset experience. Or pull up a blanket and have a picnic outside City Hall. 

The point I’m trying to make is that you can easily fill a weekend in the vibrant downtown if you’d like and that Prince George has a lot more to offer than you might expect!

What’s your favourite thing to do downtown? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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